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Sana Enterprises

Sana Enterprises established in 1987.

Our Proprietor, Mr. Abdul Rehman has a vast experience in Mining and quarry.

He worked as a Sales Executive in Marble industries from year 1970-1981.

In 1987 he decided to do his own business of Onyx Marble Handicrafts. We sent our first shipment to US in 1988 of Onyx Marble.

Trade Shows

  • Arizona Shows USA
  • Tucson Show USA
  • Gems and jeweler Show USA

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide quality products of Onyx marble and Salt Handicrafts to our customer.

Customer Satisfaction is main asset of our company. We want to deliver good and quality products to our customer according to their demand.

Quality Control

We trained staff for strict quality control to make our customer happy and satisfied.

A proper inspection conducted by our quality control in charge during the production to maintain strict control.

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    Sana Enterprises
    OLD/No.P-3 NEW/No.P-9 Pak Colony MP Road, Karachi
    Salt Factory: C-66 Sector 35A korangi, Karachi, Pakistan.
    Whatsapp Number: +92-320-836-1554 | Mobile Number: +92-333-325-1774
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